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Skin Assessment

What's your skin issue? How do you treat it? Which of our offerings is recommended for your condition? Click on your skin type below to see our three recommended levels of treatment for that type, depending upon the severity of your skin problem.

Congested Pores/Problem Skin/Acneic Skin
Discoloration and Uneven Texture
Dry/Dehydrated Skin
Rosacea/Sensitive Skin/Environmentally Stressed Skin
Lines/Wrinkles/Loss of Elasticity/Maturing Skin

Pink TulipCongested Pores/Problem Skin/Acneic Skin

Acne? Blackheads? Check out our Levels of Treatment for Acne and Problem Skin and tame those pimples once and for all. View PDF Acne brochure (opens in new window).

LEVEL 1: Mild cases of congestion, impurities, and oily behaviors will be alleviated through a regimen of an exclusive Hydra-purification treatment to properly exfoliate and deeply clean away bacteria and pollution in the skin.

This treatment will not irritate the skin and is a very effective problem solver when maintained with proper skincare to prevent further acne and excessive oil production.

LEVEL 2: A series of clarifying peels to lift even the most stubborn blackheads and whiteheads through dissolving keratin buildup and encouraging faster, healthier cell renewal. These clarifying peels also help smooth away minor to moderate acne scars and environmental damage; leaving a smoother and more even complexion.

It is strongly advised that the results achieved through these peels be maximized and maintained through occasional Hydra-purification procedures and an effective at-home skincare program.

LEVEL 3: Matrix Fractional Laser reconditioning using intense pulsed light and controlled thermal energy will correct damaged skin in moderate to severe cases. This procedure immediately ‘reprograms’ the cellular behavior and triggers collagen production to reveal a new and clear complexion that is virtually free of even the oldest and most severe scars.

It is vital that these cases maintain a strict program of Hydra-purification procedures and an appropriate skincare system for the correction, prevention, and maintenance of problem skin.

Darker TulipDiscoloration and Uneven Texture

Is your skin rough and scaly? Blotchy? Get even, radiant skin by following our recommended regimens. View PDF Uneven Skin brochure (opens in new window).

LEVEL 1:Mild cases of patchy, rough, and discolored skin will benefit greatly from simple applications of Hydra-dermabrasion procedures to repair sun damage and uneven tone.

This is safe for any age and type of skin and will result in a radiant and even complexion when delivered in consistently scheduled treatments. We recommend that the client also incorporate an anti-oxidant rich skincare routine.

LEVEL 2: Moderate cases of uneven tone and texture require an intensive program of revitalizing chemical peels to thoroughly exfoliate and detoxify the epidermis so that a smooth and radiant result is achieved. Secondary benefits also include the reduction of fine lines.

Hydra-dermabrasion procedures are necessary to maintain the clarity of the new skin as well as a simple yet effective skincare system to protect it.

LEVEL 3: Extreme hyperpigmentation and inconsistent texture call for our Renew Fotofacial procedure. This series of treatment will eliminate sun damage, capillaries, and create perfect tone and texture. This non-invasive procedure has minimal downtime and combines the latest and most intensive IPL and gentle RF energy to correct and eradicate the clusters of melanin that result from poor sun protection and genetic pre-disposition.

Revitalizing peels and Hydra-dermabrasion will enhance the clarity and healthy function of your restored radiance and proper, consistent skincare at home will protect your skin from free radicals and the toxic rays of the sun.

Pink TulipDry/Dehydrated Skin

Did you know that dry skin shows signs of age and environmental exposure faster and more noticeably than any other skin? Combat age and exposure with our treatment suggestions. View PDF Dry Skin brochure (opens in new window).

LEVEL 1: The exclusive Hydra-infusion treatment allows for effective exfoliation and renewal through transfusing healing serums into the deepest layers of dry, dull skin. This process is very safe even for extremely dry skins and will leave no sign of irritation or discomfort.

It is extremely beneficial to maintain an excellent skincare program to protect this delicate skin from the environment and to keep the moisture barrier of the skin functioning properly.

LEVEL 2: Replenishing peels will dissolve the layers of dry, flaky skin away to reveal thicker and less fragile skin, allowing for maximum absorption of moisture that helps hydration of dry skin.

This series of peels also adjusts the levels of oil and water in the skin so that all at home products and Hydra-infusion treatments can work at maximum effectiveness.

LEVEL 3: Did you know that dry skin shows signs of age and environmental exposure faster and more noticeably than any other skin? A weak moisture barrier hastens the process. Our Renewal Treatment erases redness, capillaries, lines and wrinkles that have progressed beyond the point of basic skincare and even chemical peels. This series of laser treatment synthesizes the production of collagen in the skin to plump the lines & folds from within. Redness disappears. Stressed skin vanishes.

The maintenance of proper skincare and frequent facials done in conjunction with Hydra-infusion sessions is of utmost importance in this skin condition.

Dark Pink TulipRosacea/Sensitive Skin/Environmentally Stressed Skin

Feel like your skin turns red at the slightest provocation? Does your face burn when you apply beauty products? Calm your skin and correct the damage from constant inflammation by following our Levels of Treatment. View PDF Sensitive Skin brochure (opens in new window).

LEVEL 1: Hydra-vitalization smoothes skin by removing keratinocytes and buildup while protecting the integrity of even extremely sensitive skin. This skin type can benefit when a custom European Facial is incorporated into this treatment to relax the tense, reactive skin.

Hydra-vitalization allows deep purification without the extreme long lasting redness or flare-ups that commonly occur. Regular sessions will desensitize the epidermis and infusion of TNS serum will repair and allow it to function at a more vital and resilient level alongside a custom skincare system that further protects from rosacea flares.

LEVEL 2: Revitalizing peels delivered in a series of applications are highly effective when carefully measured and tailored to the intensity of this delicate skin. This will remove clogged pores and keratin buildup that is commonly found in these conditions without manual extractions or physical exfoliation.

An even tone and texture is enhanced by the appropriate at home maintenance and routine procedures of Hydra-vitalization.

LEVEL 3: An innovative Dermal Stimulation procedure allows for superior elimination of vessels, capillaries, and inflammatory damage. Texture, clarity, and tone in the skin is restored. Intense Pulsed Light combines with targeted radio frequency to correct the signs left behind from years of irritation and inflammation by promoting the creation of new and healthy cells to prevent further damage.

Vitalizing peels delivered on a consistent basis keep the pores clean and encourage fast natural exfoliation of the skin. Soothing rosacea and sensitive skin facials paired with a manageable skincare program further heighten and prolong the results of your investment. An effective and gentle sunscreen is mandatory.

Pink TulipLines/Wrinkles/Loss of Elasticity/Maturing Skin

Just because we can’t stop time doesn’t mean we can’t look more youthful. Choose your Level of Treatment to look a little or a lot younger. View PDF Wrinkle brochure (opens in new window).

LEVEL 1: Mild signs of lines and wrinkles benefit from Hydra-rejuvenation treatments. The gentle infusion of healing serums into the epidermis thoroughly exfoliates while plumping up fine lines and assist in breaking down clusters of melanin without any irritation or discomfort. This procedure also restores natural moisture production in the skin so that a parched appearance and texture common in menopausal skin becomes dewy and lustrous.

At home therapy combines anti-oxidant packed treatments that are also full of moisture to cushion and protect the skin and to keep a fresh complexion.

LEVEL 2: Rejuvenating peels will intensely exfoliate and invigorate your skin- allowing the younger, healthier cells to move to the surface faster. A bright and smooth complexion that is firmer and softer to the touch results from just the right amount of routine peels and anti-aging European facials to relax the skin, mind, and body; especially in menopausal and postmenopausal skin.

Maturing skin is extremely fragile and approximately 95% of lines and wrinkles are caused by sun exposure so a highly protective skincare system is the only way to help prevent external aggressors from further destroying the epidermis.

LEVEL 3: Dermal Restructuring is the ultimate in anti-aging treatment programs. With the Triniti program dermal remodeling, tightening, and color correction is achieved. Give your complexion a clean slate and a vital, youthful contour. Watch crow’s feet and deep lip wrinkles fade away. Feel and observe a lifted and illuminated visage. All of this without the downtime or risks of cosmetic surgery.

Triniti series will encourage the epidermis to behave as it did in its youthful state and will result in a natural change in the resiliency and elasticity in the skin. This is maximum skin rejuvenation at its fastest and most effective.

A cushioned, tighter, and more uniformed appearance is maintained through scheduled chemical peels and anti-age targeted skincare.